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Wash Units

Wash Units


Mason Company is proud to offer the only elevating fiberglass wash unit in the industry! Mason Company's heavy-duty UltraLift elevating fiberglass wash units are hand-laid, molded products with no seam, which means no leaks and they are easy to clean. Fiberglass units are quieter and warmer than stainless steel tubs, which means less stress and reduced fear for dogs. A raised floor helps contain water and splashes inward. 

Elevating wash units benefit both the animals and staff and allow for a healthier, more efficient and ergonomic work environment. Lifting dogs or trying to walk a stubborn dog up steps to a wash unit can create stress and anxiety. Walking them into a bath at ground level and then quickly elevating it reduces fear and makes for a calmer, happier client. An elevating wash unit is also easier on a staff member's back and may reduce missed days or worker’s compensation claims due to back issues.


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