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Lil’ Pup® Frame

Lil’ Pup® Frame

Lil’ Pup® Frame

With a slightly smaller frame, the electric Lil' Pup® table has a unique double-cantilever lift system and bronze bushings, providing tremendous stability and durability and up to 300 pounds of lifting capacity. It elevates up to 42” to groom dogs with ease.

  • Quiet and smooth electric-drive system
  • 300 lb. lift capacity
  • Oil-impregnated bronze bushings (self-lubricating)
  • Powder-coated steel tube frame
  • Dual cantilever system for extreme stability
  • Construction-grade wood top, secured with bolts and tee-nuts
  • Durable pebble-finish mat surface
  • 24" x 42” table top
  • Elevates from 16" to 42” in approximately 10 seconds
  • 110 volt, 5 amp motor

Available Accessories

  • Metal drawer
  • Mounted adjustable arm
  • Swing arm
  • 4-Lead Bolt-On Telescoping Grooming Arm
  • 100 lb. Dual-Wheel Locking Caster (set of 4)
  • Rotating Table Top
  • Extra Foot Switch 

The smaller frame is also available with a 24" x 39" table top that elevates from 15" to 42" for groomers who want up to 200 pounds of lifting capacity.

  • Available for 100 volt or 240 volt
  • Dual waterproof foot pedals

  • Grooming Tables