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Welcome to the Mason Company’s Design Center! 

Thank you for your interest in the complimentary Revit, AutoCAD and PDF drawings as well as all the other content available on our Design Center. Whether you are an architect, designer, contractor or facility owner, Mason Company staff members are available to assist you with your needs.

Important Points:

  • The Design Center was originally created to provide architects the ability to download Mason Company equipment drawings in the two languages used by specialized software systems, namely AutoCAD and Revit. The Design Center, unfortunately, cannot offer this software, as it is expensive and requires specialized knowledge. Although there is no easy or quick way to sketch out a building, Mason Company can recommend architects who have expertise in designing animal care facilities. 
  • AS NOTED: The AutoCAD and Revit downloads require special software to use. These downloads are intended for architects working with animal care customers. Architects already have one or both required software packages, as well as years of experience using them. (If interested, learn more about these software programs at
  • Mason Company is happy to help layout your kennel and cattery rooms but we don’t (can’t!) advise on other rooms. Doing so would get you and us in big trouble with local and state authorities because we are not a licensed architect, contractor or engineer. Please consult with these professionals if you have questions regarding retaining walls, ADA compliant bathrooms, HVAC loads and the like. We can provide referrals to these professionals in your area.
  • Feel free to send a rough hand-drawn sketch of your kennel and cattery room or floor plan to start the dialogue with us about layout options. Mark the dimensions as best you can, as well as locations of any drains, windows, light switches, etc. Again, please understand that you will need to retain an architect for something broader or more sophisticated. We are happy to provide introductions to experienced architectural firms in your area.

We look forward to working with you!

Revit/CAD/PDF Downloads:

PLEASE NOTE: Revit/AutoCAD software is necessary to download those files, but is not necessary for PDF downloads.

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