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Synergies & Cost Sharing with Boarding

Synergies & Cost Sharing with Boarding


Synergies and Cost Sharing Make Boarding a Smart Business Choice

In the past 40 years, John M. Strasser, DVM, has invested in more than a dozen veterinary medicine concepts that combine an upscale medical facility with professional boarding. His customers find security in knowing the boarding is staffed with doctors. His newest concept is Carolina Ranch Animal Hospital and Resort.

“I recognized quickly that providing veterinary services with boarding, grooming and day care was an immediate hit. There is great synergy because there are referrals and customers coming from all sides of the business.”

“Boarding provides immediate business because nearly every pet owner has that need. We provide a one-stop shop by serving our customers through a single connection point all under one roof.” Strasser uses Mason Company equipment for all of his customized animal housing needs, from kennels to doors and gates. “Partnering with Mason Company has worked out like a dream.”

The results speak for themselves. Strasser says it can take five years for a new stand-alone veterinary practice to break even and using a model with boarding cut that time to two years. Occupancy rates are at least 75 percent capacity on holidays and weekends and 35 percent during the week, plus there is additional revenue from daycare. When he added kennels to increase boarding capacity by 30 percent, he only hired three new staff members because of his medical team.


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