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Dog Daycare - On Demand


Designing Dog Daycare Facilities - Free RACE-Approved Webinar (1 CE)

Please join us for the free and informative webinar, Designing Dog Daycare Facilities. 

Doggie daycare has become an important part of the pet boarding business. This is a change from 10, and certainly 15 years ago when daycare was not popular and difficult to find. The vast majority of boarding being built today incorporates doggie daycare and older facilities are redesigning or adding on to offer the service. For veterinarians offering boarding, including doggie daycare is an attractive way to add additional revenue and build tighter bonds with customers. 

This presentation focuses on what issues to think about when building a daycare area in a facility. It covers space requirements, flooring options, staffing ratios, cleaning systems, construction materials, design and more. 

Learning objectives include: 

  • Understand how to maximize space for housing dogs 
  • Learn about the proper amount of square footage to allocate for daycare by size of dog 
  • Learn how to reduce noise and stress with better designs 
  • Understand the recommended staffing ratios for daycare 

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