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Adding Boarding to Your Vet Practice - On Demand

Adding Boarding to Your Vet Practice


Adding Boarding to Your Vet Practice (On Demand: 50 minutes)

Boarding can provide a complimentary add-on business that quickly, and with modest risk, can double a practice’s profit while at the same time growing the core veterinary business. This program will share best practices you need to know to add boarding to your practice. Learn how combining a medium-sized boarding/daycare operation with an existing veterinary practice can double the practice’s profit with significantly less risk than if the boarding/daycare operation were a stand-alone business. This session is perfect for veterinarians who want to take advantage their built in competitive advantage compared to boarding-only facilities, as well as opportunities for synergies through sharing of overhead, marketing, and a reservoir of potential customers.

Course learning objectives include:

• The approximate capital investment required for 40 and 80 run boarding operations

• How to plan the size and space needed to add boarding to a vet practice

• Best practices for kennel layout and design

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