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It is critical to ensure animal health and prevent disease.

As the medical professionals on the front line of animal health and disease prevention, it is important veterinarians have the right equipment when special care is needed. Equipment can humanely and safely isolate an animal or enable a pet to recover from surgery in a stress-free environment. Preventing cross-contamination, guaranteeing the safety of staff and ensuring the security and welfare of the animals is paramount. The equipment must be easy to clean and be designed to minimize stress on the animals. Quality cages can also provide effective short-term holding options while pets wait to be taken home.

For veterinary offices that also offer dog and/or cat boarding to generate additional revenue, luxury equipment can set a practice apart from competing boarding facilities. Equipment should cater to meet the needs of both four- and two-legged customers to ensure a happy and healthy short- or long-term stay.

Resources available for veterinarians include free RACE-approved webinars, a helpful guide on boarding best practices, a financing overview for those looking to buy, build or remodel a practice and customer success stories. 

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