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Proper ventilation for cats and dogs helps prevent disease and stale air by ensuring effective circulation.

Ventilation for Cats

Ventilation is critical because felines have fragile immune and respiratory systems. Therefore, cat condos should either have wire gates to allow airflow, or if glass gates are used they need to be vented to circulate the air. Many glass fronts are not vented by a fan, but rather simply have a hole with a grate on it that relies on natural airflow, which typically is minimal. Mason Company’s ventilated cat condos vent via pipes to the outside to ensure air exchange that does not recirculate germs and viruses. A fan and pipes are required to make this ventilation possible.

However, one significant drawback to vented cat condos is that you can’t then have them on casters to be mobile because they are attached permanently to pipes. Many customers want to have cat housing on wheels so they can move them around for deep cleaning. You can't do this if the condos have pipes that connect to the HVAC system. As a result, Mason Company has also developed a new glass-front vented condo to address and eliminate this drawback of vented condos. Mason Company has also developed units that have a pipe that attaches to a gasket on the HVAC system. These new condos can have the "female" part of the pipe and gasket from the condo released from the "male" pipe from the HVAC system and moved around for cleaning. It is a pretty clever system!

Ventilation for Dogs

While glass gates have some significant benefits, one big drawback is that they greatly reduce airflow in the kennels, resulting in stale air. Unlike most other glass gates, Mason Company’s glass gates have a gap engineered in the design between the glass door and frame. This feature also eliminates the need to pay more for HVAC.