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Zoo & Aquarium
Zoo & Aquarium
Zoo & Aquarium

Zoo & Aquarium


Mason Company has worked with many zoos and aquariums over the years, including the Bronx Zoo, Brookfield Zoo, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Cincinnati Zoo, New York Zoological Society, San Diego Zoo, Shedd Aquarium and Virginia Aquarium.

Mason Company is the perfect choice for zoos and aquarium housing because of our extensive product line, design experience, custom manufacturing and ability to offer professional installation service. Mason manufactures all of its own products to insure quality control and timely delivery.

Extensive Product Line
Mason Company offers the widest variety of housing options in the industry. Accessories include remote feeders and watering systems, rest benches and shelves, bird perches, remote operators for shift/transfer doors, observation windows and more. All of these can be made in standard or custom sizes to meet a facility’s unique footprint and requirements.

It is worth noting that when chain link is required for your enclosure solutions, Mason Company’s has been regarded as the finest in the industry since 1892. We purchase the highest-grade electro-galvanized wire and weave it ourselves to ensure a smooth, burr-free finish to protect the animals. It is available in three different gauges, four different diamond sizes and in almost any width required. After weaving, the chain link is hand-laced to tubular frames by experienced craftsmen for an incredibly taught finish that stops animals from finding any loose areas to pull on or work loose. All lacing wire is individually knuckled to assure no sharp edges. It is simply the best!

Design Experience
Mason Company works with hundreds of animal facilities annually, year after year. Chances are if you have a design issue, our team of talented and highly trained project engineers will have seen the issue before. Best of all, our design advice is free. Check out our Design Center for a full list of our product specifications and drawings in AutoCAD.

Custom Sizes
Mason Company is unique in its ability to customize almost any animal enclosure. One size does not fit all, and the unique size and attributes of an animal and its husbandry team should determine the size and configuration of its enclosure – not the other way around. We routinely build enclosures with tolerances down to the nearest 1/8 inch. This manufacturing precision means your enclosures fit perfectly together for years of use.

Installation Services
The finest animal enclosures will not operate properly or last their expected lifetime if installed poorly or incorrectly. Mason offers its own teams of professional installers. Our crews will build the equipment and then travel to install it, so you know it will be done correctly and efficiently. Ask your Mason Sales Consultant about a separate quote for this service.

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