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You won’t find prices on our website. If we tried to capture all possible pricing options, the list would be the size of the New York City phone book (back when people still used phone books)!

Asking how much a kennel costs is like asking how much a house costs – the answer depends on the size of the house, materials, design, etc. The median price for a new home sold in the United States in 2015 was about $213,000, but we all know homes that are much less as well as much more expensive. The same is true with kennels, where the final cost is largely a function of four factors: size, materials, accessories and design.

  • Size – Cost is a function of size. A 3’ wide x 4’ deep x 6’ high kennel costs much less than a 6’ wide x 8’ deep x 6’ high one. Dimensions matter.
  • Materials – We offer isolation panels and gates in a variety of materials and they all have different costs. For gates, tempered glass normally costs the most, followed in decending order by stainless steel welded wire, galvanized welded wire and then chain link. To complicate matters, gates can also be designed with isolation in the bottom or sides (using FRP or Wilsonart) and with a combination of glass or wire. Isolation panels come in a variety of materials and designs as well. All the different combinations have to be decided in order to calculate an exact price (or even approximate cost).
  • Accessories – There are many different accessories that can be included in a run that impact price. Rest benches, bowl feeding systems, dog operated doors, top covers, transfer (a/k/a guillotine) doors are just a sample.
  • Kennel Design/Layout – The layout of the kennel room can impact price. For example, using the building’s wall as the back wall of the kennel eliminates the need to purchase a separate back panel. The downside, however, is that this design means the dogs face each other across an aisle, which can lead to increased barking. Putting up a barrier in the aisle or adding privacy with gate design are solutions for this layout. In contrast, a back-to-back system in the center of a room orients the dogs away from each others, but requires a back panel. While there is no one right answer, the choice of layout can impact price. 

Considering all of the above factors, you can see why we don't publish prices - there are simply too many variables to consider. Think about your answers to the questions above and contact us so we can quickly generate some quotes for you that will have a lot more validity than simply saying "$2,000 for a kennel."

That said, $2,000 is about the median price for all of the kennels we sell in a year, big and small, expensive or economical, loaded with accessories or stripped down. It is the average price, however, of a very, very wide bell curve (like the median home value previously mentioned). While it cannot be taken very seriously, it can be helpful if you need a number to keep in mind as you gather information before contacting us for a more accurate quote.

Thanks for your interest in Mason Company. We look forward to working with you!