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Silvis Seal™ and Sani-Slope™
Silvis Seal™ and Sani-Slope™

Silvis Seal™ & Sani-Slope™


Superior Floor Mounting AND Leveling Solution Exclusively from Mason Company.

Available only on Mason Company’s Sani-Kennel systems, the patented Silvis Seal (#8707903) and the Sani-Slope provides both superior floor mounting and leveling.

The unique Silvis Seal system is a flexible gasket that creates the ultimate watertight, reliable and long-term seal that stops fluid and contaminants from migrating between kennel enclosures. The exclusive Silvis Seal barrier provides an entirely new approach to prevent cross-contamination between runs. 

Silvis Seal Advantages:

  • Provides the ultimate solid watertight seal underneath division panels to ensure a one-of-a-kind layer of protection even if an isolation's panel's silicone seal becomes cracked, hard or broken.
  • Prevents cross-contamination even when the primary bead of floor sealant has been breached or where there are cracks, waves, irregularities or other imperfections in the floor.
  • Is able to tolerate harsh cleaning agents such as chlorine bleach and ammonia, and withstands the force of pressure washing systems.

Sani-Slope Advantages:

  • Panels quickly and easily level to match the floor slope. 
  • No need to cut panels to match the floor slope.
  • Less worry about floor dimensions.
  • Easily adapted to coved walls. 
  • Great for floors with double tapers. 




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