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FRP Panels

Sani Kennels with FRP


Mason Company’s FRP side panels provide a great look and an even better value.

Benefits of our most popular panel choice include:

  • FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) isolation panels resist scratching, staining, odor, and moisture
  • Numerous color choices as recommended to reduce fear and stress.
  • Polypropylene fluted core panel construction (no natural fibers) will not absorb moisture
  • Panels will not warp with changes in temperature
  • USDA Certified antimicrobial surface is easy to clean and sanitize
  • Aluminum framework is strong and rust-proof
  • Patented Sani-Slope floor sealing system adjusts to various floor slopes 
  • Mason Company’s exclusive patented Silvis Seal provides a long-term, watertight seal for a trouble free barrier against cross contamination
  • Available in numerous decorative colors and styles with choice of stainless steel or polyethylene grid top section for proper airflow.
Gate Choices

FRP Panel Color Choices (FRP Wall Skins are also available in limited color choices)


A Word on Fear Reducing Color Choices 

Reducing fear and stress is an important part of proper animal care. Softer, lighter colors can be soothing to animals and lessen their stress and fear. Mason Company is proud to offer nine colors in the less stress and fear palette for side and back isolation panels or gate privacy panels: white, smooth white, beige, almond, smooth almond, pearl, taupe, sage and sky.

FRP Isolation Specs
Other Panel Choices