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Quiet Cottages™ Fiberglass Cages
Quiet Cottages™ Fiberglass Cages
Quiet Cottages™ Fiberglass Cages
Quiet Cottages™ Fiberglass Cages
Quiet Cottages™ Fiberglass Cages
Quiet Cottages™ Fiberglass Cages
Quiet Cottages™ Fiberglass Cages
Quiet Cottages™ Fiberglass Cages
Quiet Cottages™ Fiberglass Cages

Quiet Cottages™ Fiberglass Cages


Finally, a Warmer, Quieter Alternative to Stainless Steel

Mason Company’s Quiet Cottages™, part of Fear Free's Preferred Product Program, are a warmer, quieter, more attractive alternative to cold, loud, and institutional-looking metal cages. Manufactured with durable fiberglass materials, the units are the perfect choice for facilities that desire upscale housing instead of stainless steel. The unique design also offers flexibility and function not offered with standard metal cage banks. An Oxygen Therapy Door and warming pads are available on select units.

Developed in response to customer requests for caging solutions that do not “look institutional,” Quiet Cottages raise the standard of care in caging. The molded, solid-surface fiberglass cage bodies ensure warm, attractive units that can also help keep noise to a minimum.

Models are available in various sizes and configurations. They arrive fully assembled for no-hassle set up. 

The units offer easy cleanup and are unaffected by harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach and ammonia. Units are available with or without individual built-in drains to ensure sanitary conditions. Units equipped with a floor drain have the added ability to be hosed down instead of wiped out. 

  • 4' unit comes with optional double doors for easier handling of large dogs plus removable panel to convert the unit to two 2' cages
  • 2 point latch (on 4' wide model provides strength and security)

Without Drains
Available in various configurations, these units are sure to offer a combination to meet your needs.

These units come standard with full, rigid, stainless steel support frames and durable swivel casters. Quiet Cottages without drains also come with a 1/4" molded retention lip within each unit to help keep fluids from leaking out the front of the cages.    

With Drains

Raised polyethylene grid floors keep animals away from liquids, while the sloped cage floor underneath routes all liquids to the hidden drain in the back corner. These units come with a form-welded stainless steel gate for years of trouble-free operation.

Available in 3’ and 4’ widths double-stacked and 3’ width triple-stacked, Quiet Cottages with drains can be configured for your exact caging needs. The units arrive completely assembled with internal plumbing already complete. Just route the final plumbing from the bottom of the units to your floor drain, and your units are ready to use! 

If you desire cages that are warm, attractive, and help keep noise to a minimum, Mason Quiet Cottages, with or without drains, are perfect for your needs. 

Color Swatches

Mason Company's Heated Recovery Cages include heating pads installed beneath fiberglass cages to provide warmth to animals as they recover from procedures.


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