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Luxury Walk-In Dog Suites
Luxury Walk-In Dog Suites
Luxury Walk-In Dog Suites

Luxury Walk-In Dog Suites


Luxury Dog Suites provide long-term or short-term living space for dogs!

Pet resorts and other boarding facilities, animal shelters and humane societies can benefit from being able to offer an enriched luxury living space for dogs that functions as a bedroom and offers a “home away from home.” 

The perfect alternative to a block wall real-life room, Mason’s Luxury Walk-In Dog Suites provide all the functionality of a kennel without an institutional look. Rooms are more colorful and can be outfitted with beds, rugs, pictures and televisions for a living space or play area for dogs.

Rather than a gate, the Luxury Walk-In Dog Suites are built with a modern door and bear no resemblance to a cage or kennel. Constructed of clear anodized aluminum, the suites create a high-end look for boarding facilities, pet resorts and adoption and rescue centers. The ¼" tempered glass minimizes sound. Decorative options to the sides of the doors are available for a true feeling of a home.

The front sizes are available in four, five, six, seven and eight foot widths and any depth. Custom sizes and designs are also available to meet a facility’s specific needs.

Mason Company’s Luxury Walk-In Dog Suites are durable, quiet, affordable and low maintenance. The suites provide maximum flexibility to adapt the space in the future since they are more flexible than constructing permanent walls and can be relocated. Not only are they easy to clean, but they can also be designed in a room with floor drains that can be power washed for even easier cleaning. 


Additionally, a fixed piece next to the door can be solid glass or infilled with a variety of materials at any height to create privacy. The door can be configured in the same manner as well to add privacy, and can be designed with a door knob and lock set or with an aluminum pull handle and a deadbolt lock. The Luxury Stall Front can be configured with Mason's Luxury Suite isolation panels or used with block wall or other materials.


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