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ISO-Care™ Quarantine Cages
ISO-Care™ Quarantine Cages
ISO-Care™ Quarantine Cages

ISO-Care™ Quarantine Cages


Ideal for Treating Parvo!

A growing number of veterinary hospitals and animal shelters are choosing the patented ISO-Care™ (D399609) for isolating animals due to contagious diseases or quarantine requirements. ISO-Care’s innovative tempered glass design keeps all discharge within the unit – no more messy leaks! Plus, the attractive fiberglass interior washes clean in seconds. A two-tiered drainage system keeps wastes and liquids away from animals, exiting through ISO-Care’s floor drain, which can be connected to a sewer outlet. A built-in fan vents contaminated air. A standard light provides added visibility to healing animals. 

Available in single- or double-deck configurations, ISO-CARE units ship completely assembled and ready for operation.

A 31" long x 42" wide model is available in single and double configurations for larger animals.

Click here to see the Size Comparison Chart between the 36-1/2" long x 30-3/4" wide model and the 31" long x 42" wide model. 


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