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Luxury Cat Condos
Luxury Cat Condos
Luxury Cat Condos
Luxury Cat Condos
Luxury Cat Condos
Luxury Cat Condos
Luxury Cat Condos

Luxury Cat Condos


Providing luxurious options for felines

Mason Luxury Cat Condos are specifically designed for animal shelters based on the Association of Shelter Veterinarians guidelines for feline housing. The condos are attractive and quiet, helping to promote healthier animals and increase adoptions. Each condo incorporates separate litter and hiding units as well as sleep and exercise areas. Cat perching shelves and easy-close portal doors are standard.

The wire grid front promotes airflow and improved animal health while also allowing for interaction with facility staff. The latch is trouble-free and easy to operate.

Units are available in 3' or 4' widths and in single or double stack configurations. They are also available in a variety of non-organic materials.

Options available include tempered glass doors, tempered glass rear window and a rectangular closeable portal opening between upper and lower units. Units come standard with swivel type casters for ease of movement and are available without casters. Units are manufactured with a front debris retention lip.

Mason Company uses stainless steel hinges with a Soft Close feature on all of our Luxury Cat Condos to decrease stress and anxiety and improve their health and well-being. The soft close feature eliminates slamming doors that can startle and scare cats by automatically slowing down to gently and silently close the cat condo doors.

Mason Luxury Cat Condos can be ordered with glass fronts for a much healthier and more secure way to house cats. The glass is offset 1/8” and hangs over the door, allowing air to circulate under and into the cat’s living space and keeps debris and disease from traveling to other units. Other units have portholes in the front in the glass, which means germs can spread if a cat sneezes and that fingers can get into the unit. 










Four Attractive Color Choices Available:


Almond -_Cat_Condo_copy

Swiss Pear

Napa Cherry

Mahogany Impressions


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