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Raintree™ Cat Condos
Raintree™ Cat Condos
Raintree™ Cat Condos
Raintree™ Cat Condos
Raintree™ Cat Condos
Raintree™ Cat Condos
Raintree™ Cat Condos
Raintree™ Cat Condos
Raintree™ Cat Condos
Raintree™ Cat Condos

Raintree™ Cat Condos


Raintree™ Cat Condos from Mason Company are beautiful, durable, high quality pieces of furniture with amenities designed especially to pamper finicky felines.

Designed specifically for feline boarding needs, standard features include a built-in feeding/watering ledge, a resting shelf and a privacy area for litter. The Raintree Cat Condo is the ultimate in comfort and functional design.

Each condo consists of a top and bottom unit with coated wire mesh doors for healthy air circulation, or optional tempered glass doors and internal air ducts. Each module is 84” tall, 24” wide and 24” deep. 

Condos may be positioned as stand alone, side-by-side or back-to-back. Optional portholes create a multi-unit luxury run for one cat or communal boarding for multiple cats with one owner. Units are easy to clean and ship completely assembled.

Mason Company uses stainless steel hinges with a Soft Close feature on all of our Raintree Cat Condos to decrease stress and anxiety and improve their health and well-being. The soft close feature eliminates slamming doors that can startle and scare cats by automatically slowing down to gently and silently close the cat condo doors. 

Raintree Cat Condos can be ordered with glass fronts for a much healthier and more secure way to house cats. The glass is offset 1/8” and hangs over the door, allowing air to circulate under and into the cat’s living space and keeps debris and disease from traveling to other units. Other units have portholes in the front in the glass, which means germs can spread if a cat sneezes and that fingers can get into the unit. Cats need clean air, and Mason's Raintree Cat Condos with glass fronts come with an optional fan and a hidden vent chase to pull stale air out and bring fresh air in. Thanks to Mason’s Raintree Cat Condo with glass fronts, cats are experiencing a significant reduction in upper respiratory infections.

An optional quick release system provides venting from the back of the Raintree Cat Condo with glass fronts.

Available in the following colors

Swiss Pear

Mahogany Impressions

Napa Cherry


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