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Powder Coated Cat Suites
Powder Coated Cat Suites
Powder Coated Cat Suites

Powder Coated Cat Suite


New Powder Coated Cat Suites


From Mason Company are designed with input from industry thought leaders. These durable and attractive quad units allow two cats to be individually housed with separate living and litter units. Vertical and horizontal pass through portals allow the units to be opened for more flexible cat housing options when needed. 

Suites are constructed of powder coated steel and available in any color in the Sherman Williams palette to make a facility's décor pop.

Each unit has a stainless steel wire gate with 3/16" vertical wires and a 5/16" perimeter wire. Each individual unit measures 30" wide x 26" deep x 28" tall. The overall width of the quad is 60".

Other features:

  • Each unit comes standard with a shelf.
  • Each unit has a vent grill in the rear of the unit.
  • Optional rear window available.

  • Powder Coated Cat Suites