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Cat Adoption Units
Cat Adoption Units
Cat Adoption Units
Cat Adoption Units
Cat Adoption Units
Cat Adoption Units
Cat Adoption Units
Cat Adoption Units

Cat Adoption Units


Mason’s Cat Adoption Units are perfect for showcasing cat areas, encouraging adoption and enhancing the look of the room.

Tempered glass on the back promotes viewing and adoption by providing an unobstructed view of the cats and is more scratch resistant than acrylic, ensuring a clearer viewing surface. Units can also be positioned to allow maximum visual stimulation of the cats’ environment.

These upscale units have an almond interior and offer a warmer and quieter environment that can promote less stress in cats than cold, loud stainless steel. A standard 15” deep shelf maximizes space for cats and provides ample room for food and water bowls while allowing for optimal visibility of the cats through the glass.

The wire grid front promotes airflow and improved animal health while also allowing for interaction with facility staff. The gates include an easy-to-use latch with an option for key locking latches. 

Mason Company uses stainless steel hinges with a Soft Close feature on all of our Cat Adoption Units to decrease stress and anxiety and improve their health and well-being. The soft close feature eliminates slamming doors that can startle and scare cats by automatically slowing down to gently and silently close the cat condo doors.

The units can be configured in two or three tiers. Designed to be installed on a prepared base, these adoption units are perfect for installing on a deck, and when coupled with a soffit above they turn an entire wall into a space to showcase cats available for adoption. Units arrive fully assembled and the standard size is 28” x 28” x 28.”   

Our unique manufacturing process ensures superior quality. Mason Company’s adoption units are strong, durable and easy to clean. Units are constructed with exceptionally hard laminate that is incredibly scratch and chip resistant. The panels, edge and seams are sealed to create a watertight barrier. Units come with Mason’s standard three-year warranty. If non-organic water-resistant materials are necessary to meet state requirements, the unit can also be constructed with chip-resistant PVC or Rideboard.

Available in the following colors


Almond -_Cat_Condo_copy

Swiss Pear

Napa Cherry

Mahogany Impressions


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