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Designing Dog Daycare - On Demand

Dog Daycare


Designing Doggie Daycare Facilities  

1 Hour

Course Description:

Doggie daycare has become an important part of the pet boarding business. This is a change from 10, and certainly 15 years ago when daycare was not popular and difficult to find. The vast majority of pet resorts being built today incorporate doggie daycare and older facilities are redesigning or adding on to offer the service. It is an attractive way to add additional revenue and build tighter bonds with customers. This presentation focuses on what issues to think about when building a daycare area in a facility. Daycare design expert, Greg Taylor teams up with “The Dog Gurus”, Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs to cover space requirements, flooring options, staffing ratios, cleaning systems, construction materials, design and more.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to maximize space for housing dogs
  • Learn about the proper amount of square footage to allocate for daycare by size of dog
  • Learn how to reduce noise and stress with better designs
  • Understand the recommended staffing ratios for day care


1 Learning Unit (LU)

Course Number: MasonDaycare

Speaker Bios:

Robin Bennett is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, author, speaker, and expert on dogs. She founded one of the largest dog training companies in Virginia and has been using her expertise in “reading dogs” to teach families how to train their pets as well as helping others in the pet care industry keep dogs safe for over 20 years. Robin’s first book, All About Dog Daycare is the number one reference on opening a dog daycare. She is also Co-author of Off-Leash Dog Play… A Complete Guide to Safety and Fun, and an extensive staff training program called, Knowing Dogs, which are the leading staff training resources for dog daycare and boarding facilities. Robin is currently co-founder of The Dog Gurus, the nation’s premier resource for dog care professionals.

Susan Briggs is the founder of Crystal Canine, a consulting and resource business for the pet care industry, and co-founder of Urban Tails, a multi-service pet care center in Houston, TX. With over 12 years of experience operating a large dog daycare, boarding, grooming, and training center, Susan is a recognized leader in the industry. She has consistently worked to establish quality care standards and share her knowledge with others. In 2007 she co-wrote Off-Leash Dog Play: A Complete Guide to Safety & Fun with Robin Bennett. Susan and Robin have partnered on Knowing Dogs, a staff training resource for the pet industry on dog language and safe off-leash playgroups, which was published in 2012. Their latest joint venture, The Dog Gurus, is an online membership community serving as “your best resource for off-leash play.”