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Rest Benches
Rest Benches
Rest Benches

Rest Benches


Dogs love rest benches! Mason’s rest benches keep dogs clean and comfortable and off wet or soiled floors.

Mason's rest benches are available in swing-up and freestanding styles. They also come in a variety of materials.


Aluminum Frame Rest Bench

These attractive rest benches add appeal to any kennel run and are available in any of the FRP colors or stainless steel. Sturdy aluminum frame supports an inviting scratch-resistant surface. Standard plastic leg inserts reduce noise and protect kennel floors. Available in freestanding and swing-up styles.


Fabric Rest Bench

Available on Mason's Sani-Kennel system, the fabric rest bench is a full perimeter aluminum frame bench with a replaceable 40 oz. flexible PVC fabric. It provides a softer surface for dogs to rest on and has a limited adjustment to the tension of the fabric to provide additional comfort. It is available in both swing-up and freestanding versions. Size is variable.

Tubular Frame Rest Bench

Rugged, functional and built to last, structural grade steel tubing prevents rest bench damage from chewing or being overturned. The tubular frame matches the style of Mason's famous chain link kennel runs for a uniform appearance. The resting surface is durable, easy care 1/4” ABS plastic. Available in freestanding and swing-up styles.


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