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Other Dog Accessories

Other Dog Accessories

Bone Shaped Weight Assist Handle

Attractive dog-bone shaped handles are available for weight-assisted doors.

acc dog bone counterweight


Nelson Automatic Waterer

Nelson Model 1200 Automatic Waterer ensures a continuous water supply for animals. It is ideal for humane societies, animal control facilities, boarding kennels, veterinary clinics, zoos and more. The rugged stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean, and the float valve reduces maintenance time and cost.

acc nelson waterer
Bay Window

A bay window allows additional light into the kennel and also provides dogs with additional space inside the kennel to view activity outside. The bay window can be hinged and latched or it can be fixed in position. The clear sections are constructed of 1/4" tempered glass and the framework is constructed with 1" square stainless steel tubing and several options are available for constructing the top.

Bay Window
Decorative Gate Tops

Decorative gate tops give any Mason kennel a distinctive and attractive look and provide a finishing touch to your animal housing solutions.

acc decorative gate tops 2
Shutter Door

Add color and interest to your kennels with horizontal slats in our shutter door. The siding is available in a variety of vibrant, attractive colors to provide bold contrast and make a dramatic statement. The shutter panel is built with a vinyl siding that is adhered to a .050" sheet of aluminum. The above panel is surrounded with our 3/4" aluminum U-channel. The completed panel is secured to Mason’s stainless steel gates.

Shutter Door
Dry Erase Board

Inform and inspire with the addition of a dry erase board. A strong framework provides stability and the tough surface can withstand frequent use and cleaning, allowing easy erasing again and again to ensure a lasting fresh look.


Cardholders attach to any cage surface to keep the animal's identification, records and paperwork readily available.

acc cardholders

Lockers provide additional storage that can be accessed from outside the kennel. They provide an ideal place for storing medication, toys, food, blankets and other personal items.

acc cardholders