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Gate & Stallfront Latches
Gate & Stallfront Latches
Gate & Stallfront Latches

Gate & Stallfront Latches


Mason's Patented Stainless Steel Latch is constructed of 100% stainless steel.

Standard on all Mason gate types, the latch allows the gate to swing both in and out of the run, which is essential for staff safety and control of animals. More importantly, Mason’s patented latch secures from outside and inside the run, so staff can work inside the kennel knowing the door is securely latched behind them but also easily accessible if a quick exit is required.

The latch is self-latching and is also lockable with a padlock or leash clip.


Magnetic Safety Gate Latch Provides Quiet, Reliable Latching Action.

The MagnaLatch offers simple, effective latching for Mason’s Cat Tower as well as Mason's Fiberglass Cat Suites. Unlike other metal latches, the MagnaLatch is quiet, eliminating the stress and stress-related disease cats can experience from loud noises. Because it is magnetically triggered, the latch does not jam or stick and can’t be forced open from shaking or pulling. Its sleek design offers horizontal and vertical adjustment that helps to extend the life of the gate by avoiding gate sag and movement over time. It is quick and easy to install and adapts for left or right hinged gates. When the gate is unlatched, the stainless spring forces the bolt action out, away from the latch receiver. When the gate is pushed shut, the high power magnet pulls the bolt into the receiver, making it a self-closing latch. Constructed of strong, molded polymer and stainless steel, it won’t rust, bind, sag or stain. A key locking version is an available option as well. Spring-loaded hinges or a self-closer device are also optional for it to work as a safety device.



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