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Revit® & AutoCAD Architecture Design Files For Mason Cat Towers Now Available

Revit® & AutoCAD Architecture Design Files For Mason Cat Towers Now Available


Revit® & AutoCAD Architecture Design Files For Mason Cat Towers Now Available

Building Information Modeling Files Save Time and Improve Accuracy

Mason Company has added another popular product to the growing list of products with building information modeling (BIM) files and AutoCAD files available. The Mason Cat Towers are now available in Revit®. This brings the total number of products available to seven, including Mason Company’s Sani-Kennels, Raintree™ Cat Condos, Quiet Cottages™, UltraBase Above Floor Kennels, Luxury Cat Condos and Cat Adoption Units.

The files eliminate the need for architects to build the design files for Mason’s products, saving time when designing an animal facility and helping ensure the most accurate design. Mason Company also offers equipment drawings in AutoCAD for architecture and design firms using that software platform.

”By providing Revit and AutoCAD design files for many of our most popular products, Mason Company is working to make it easier to create an accurate design model of animal facilities,” said Greg Taylor, CEO of Mason Company. “This helps ensure design accuracy and makes it easier to identify and resolve issues prior to a significant investment in the design execution.”

To access the BIM and AutoCAD drawings, simply visit the Mason Company Design Center. Registration is free to architects, engineers, contractors, facility owners and other professionals designing an animal facility. This exclusive service enables BIM models, drawings, and product specifications to be quickly found, previewed, and downloaded directly into active design projects.

The files contain information about the product and links to the website and other necessary documentation, Taylor added. 

More information about Revit and all of the services Mason Company offers to help design and plan animal facilities is available at  


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