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Exclusive Silvis Seal Flexible Gasket Receives Patent

Exclusive Silvis Seal Flexible Gasket Receives Patent


Exclusive Silvis Seal Flexible Gasket Receives Patent

Exclusive Flexible Gasket Helps Eliminate Cross-Contamination in Animal Housing

Cincinnati, OH – Mason Company has received the patent for its exclusive flexible gasket that eliminates the problem of cross-contamination in animal housing.  The Silvis Seal™ was developed in direct response to the customer’s need for a product that provides a superior cross-contamination barrier by conforming to the floor’s surface and imperfections as they develop over time.

The Silvis Seal™ prevents cross-contamination even when the primary bead of floor sealant has been breached or where there are cracks, waves, irregularities or other imperfections in the floor. It also prevents cross-contamination once an isolation panel’s silicone seal becomes cracked, hard or broken.

“Cross-contamination is a serious concern that can shut facilities down when there is an outbreak of diseases such as parvo, kennel cough and the canine distemper virus,” said Greg Taylor, CEO of Mason Company. “Mason Company’s Silvis Seal™ provides the ultimate solid watertight protection with an entirely new approach to prevent deadly cross-contamination between kennels.”

Available only on Mason Company’s Sani-Kennel systems, the unique Silvis Seal™ system functions like a dam to create the ultimate watertight, reliable and long-term seal that stops fluid and contaminants from migrating between kennel enclosures.

“By adjusting to the floor’s surface to provide a second seal beyond silicone for the life of the equipment, the Silvis Seal ensure a one-of-a-kind layer of protection and peace of mind that is invaluable to our customers and to the health of the animal,” Taylor said.

The Silvis Seal™ was also designed with cleaning needs in mind and is able to tolerate harsh cleaning agents such as chlorine bleach and ammonia. It also withstands the force of pressure washing systems.

More information about the Silvis Seal™ is available at and